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Get in contact or see the FAQs below

Web Hosting: All websites are hosted on a web server. There are many companies that offer this service and most will be approximately $140 per annum for a basic plan. Being on a developer plan I can offer this for $100 per annum. My fee includes hosting as well as emergency assistance. If you accidentally delete something, I’ll swoop in and fix it in a flash.

Domain name renewal: Your domain (eg www.yourdomain.com) requires renewal every year. Domain can cost anything from $10 to thousands, depending on what you choose. If you prefer not to manage it yourself, I can for a nominal annual administration fee.

Absolutely. Personally I prefer Siteground for web hosting and GoDaddy for domains.

No way José. I’ll provide a full handover package, so if you wish, you’ll have the ability to move your site to any domain and web host. You can fully manage it yourself, hand it over to another web designer or even choose to keep annual maintenance with me. That might include any combination of updates, web hosting, domain renewal and/or ongoing edits as required or billed on an annual retainer.

Depending on the time you have available to maintain your site and how much you have to say. Single page websites are perfectly acceptable for many small businesses. Introducing a blog to your site is beneficial for SEO, but only if it is well maintained and posted to consistently. Filling your site with too much information (like these FAQ’s – talk about too much!) can cause people to loose interest. It’s best to hit a sweet spot between being informative, concise, while still taking people on a journey. Check out your local competition and research what others are doing in cities around the world to help decide what is right for you.

You can self manage your website after receiving the free 2 hours training session. If you are still unsure, you can opt to purchase additional training or even just call for quick advice. If it requires I jump in to resolve any issues, you’ll be fully aware of the expected charges before the task is undertaken.

Being a team of one (and one very hairy assistant – his skills leave a bit to be desired, but he always shows up) my time is subject to what projects are in progress. If you can provide all my requirements up-front, in many cases we can have your site up and running in 15 business days. If you need it quicker, together, we can get it to the finish line faster and after going live, continue to update any additional customisations you like.

In most cases, businesses have not been in a rush and the project normally ticks along at their pace.

Sure can. I can develop your site on a temporary domain and when it’s ready we swap it over to your domain, we can cancel the past site by either writing over it or by cancelling your current web host account. I can assist you with your current domain to login and point it to your new web host.

You will need your login details for both your web host and the company you purchased your domain name from.

The easiest way to go about this is for you to provide me access to your current web host account and domain account. I can arrange a confidentiality agreement on request or you can simply change your passwords before and after the process. Providing me full access means saved time in providing instructions. If your technical support person is proficient in this area, I am happy to speak with them directly so you can keep-on keeping-on with your regular work without interruption.

The primary task is receiving all of the content in time to produce the project. You might like to try putting all of your final text in a word document, like this website template and anatomy of a page template for each additional page and sending it to me all in one go. You can of course make edits to the text as often as you like when it’s live, but the closer to perfect the better as the amount of text cut or added during the process can affect the design.

I am not an SEO consultant and do not guarantee first page google results. However I do include on page SEO which includes optimising the meta data and basic keyword research for your industry and region. After the website is complete, I can provide you with more information about SEO so you can choose whether to proceed with engaging an SEO consultant.

There are a lot of steps we can take before the finish point to make sure we are on the same page. I prefer to meet with all clients in person if possible. I can show you style examples to get a sense of the style you are looking for. Better yet, if you have a handful of websites you already like, show me and we’ll make an inspiring site from the best features of each. We can also discuss any custom options you might want from examples I can show.

A one hour consult (including travel time from Albany) is free. Travel and additional time can be agreed on prior.

You can use any images you own or have permission to use. With the increase of screen sizes these days, it important to supply images that are at least 2000px wide. Manage your image library well and always retain all images in high resolution. As we get closer to our technological future desktop monitors are getting clearer, with HD, 4K and even 8K hitting the market.

It’s best to send me all images at the beginning of the project where possible. If you do not have any photos, I can source limited stock images or take photos for an additional fee.

If you’re looking to target an Australian audience, stick with .com.au as Google ranks Australian extentions higher. If your audience is international, .com is more suitable. Avoid the different extentionsions such as .biz or .site as they can also cause confusion when relaying the site address verbally.

No, I’m not registered for GST. I fill my spare time with web design and keep it on the down-low as a small part-time business.

My websites are affordable because most small businesses don’t need a fully-fledged web developer. A simple web design utilising my existing templates and well curated open-source plug-ins is all that is needed to make an effective and beautiful website. Being a team of one (and a very hairy assistant) and working from home, my overheads are very low. I also have a great part-time job, so this side-hustle doesn’t need to put clothes on my back… just premium local wine in my glass and an occasional weekend away. I call myself a professional lady-of-leisure. I work hard, but I enjoy it.

Having said all of that. There are different levels of websites. If you want a basic site with your own content provided, we can do it on a shoe-string. If you want a lot of pages, content written, custom graphic design elements and unique layouts – I’m your gal, but I won’t take payment in shoe strings.