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Your New Website • CHARLI
Your New Website
Your New Website

Where to start?

Do you know exactly what you want? Too easy. Send me example websites you love and we’ll replicate the best parts of each. You can even complete this template with all of your content and brand specifications to make the process that much faster.

Not sure where to start? Let’s start with a cuppa. I’ll show you example websites and ask the right questions to be able to prepare an on-point draft for your feedback. You can also see the examples below for ideas.

Which font pairing is just your type?

Select any fonts from fonts.google.com or provide your font files that are licensed for your commercial use. Click on the boxes below to see the font names.

Which font pairing is just your type?

Select any fonts from fonts.google.com or provide your font files that are licensed for your commercial use. Hover over the boxes below to see the font names.

I work to your preferred method

Not in a rush? Neither am I. I’ll do my bit and shelve it for when you’re ready to take the next step.

Amatic SC

EB Garamond

Your words sell

Add to that a remarkable website, and it becomes just that - worth remarking on.



Need it yesterday?

I lost my time machine recently, but there’s some tricks up my sleeve to start with a simple site and build upon it.


Alagreya Sans

Gimme more

Enjoy free web hosting while your site is under construction - watch my progress live.

Gravitas One


Love me some value

I include a two hour training session and a basic user manual for free with a full site.


Nixie One

Here comes the cherry

I provide a 100% money back guarantee if you are not thrilled with your site after 30 days.

Croissant One

Encode Sans Condensed

Trained and incharge

Being able to self manage your own site comes with so many benefits and saves you big bucks.



Still not sure?

I bet you’ll enjoy working face-to-face with a local. Websites start at $700 with payment plans available.

Changa One


Tid Bits

Finding fun ways to break up pages makes for a more enjoyable experience. Your customers are more likely to take their time absorbing your offering if it looks good! Here’s some ways to inject fire into your user experience.

Heading animation

Make it out!



Entrance animations

Hairy Assistant
His skills leave a bit to be desired but he always shows up
Use slides
As a tidy way to say more
Too many options?
Let's make decisions over a cuppa
Edit images to be a cleaner background for text clarity

Show your progress

Completed jobs
Your satisfaction rating

Share your testimonials

Count down to your next event

Days to NYE

The basics

Options in web design today is endless. I use the platform that has dominated the world. Thirty percent of the worlds websites use it and it’s reassuring to know that fifty percent of the top performing sites out there all use it. I’m talking about the limitless options of plugins, themes and wigits that is WordPress.

I use their open-source software and team it with a well curated handful of premium paid plugins – taking your new website to the next level. With limitless options and the world’s leading developers contributing to the 45,000+ plug-ins available, a website using WordPress is truly future proofed when maintained.

  • 100% money back guarantee – I will refund your site if you are anything but thrilled with the final product within 30-60 days after the launch date.
  • Design formatting – I will create a design layout based on your current branding or a combination of your requests and my experience. I recommend you provide example websites and advise the elements you like in each.
  • Resizing your images to optimise them for web viewing is included
  • A contact web form, Google map, inter-page links in content for easy website navigation.
  • Responsive design to be mobile and smart device-friendly. If your business typically attracts predominantly mobile users, we can even focus on mobile first to ensure your #1 stream of viewers are getting the best experience possible.
  • Three structured edit revision rounds. Please take the time to carefully review and note all changes required. Provide the changes as a list for each page to be edited. Additional rounds may be charged at $50 per round.
  • Free hosting of your draft website. This allows you to see a live view of your website on a secret URL that is not discoverable by search engines. Once completed, the website is then transferred to it’s final URL (your domain).
  • Free “Coming Soon” page. This simple page provides your customers with basic contact information while your new website is under construction. Allowing you breathing room to take as much time as you like to get your complete website just right before it goes live.
  • Two hours free training (including travel time) on how to self-manage your website after it has been published. Additional time can be purchased at any time.
  • Free email and phone support for quick questions, giving you confidence that you can manage the site without incurring unexpected charges. Where fees need to apply, I will provide a quote upfront before proceeding.
  • A customised basic user-guide
  • Freedom from any contractual obligations. After the website is completed, you will be provided with a package that will enable you to move the site to anywhere you like or to pass onto another web designer. If you choose to maintain the annual web host, domain service and updates or edits on a retainer, you are free to cancel this at any time. Payment for this annual service is required in advance.
  • On-page SEO – this includes Google keywords analysis. They will be incorporated in the site’s meta data and page content. 
  • Written content – Advise what pages they are for. This will be customised for your business, based on the information you provide and brief industry research.
  • Image sourcing – I can source royalty-free stock images and propose paid stock images which will vary in price. I can also take photos at your premises and can provide a quote after consultation.

Free advice to assist you with planning the site content

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) guidance to help educate, inform and equip you with the relevant tips to perform produce content and keywords to maximise the SEO on your site. 
  • Calls to action placed optimally across your site.